Capital Equipment Solutions

APS can assist in getting you the best deal on your capital equipment purchases and service contracts. Members also have access to our Capital Equipment Purchasing and Quarterly Group Buy events.

Free Quote Review Service

On average, as many as one-third of the quotes you receive may fall short of the pre-negotiated terms and conditions you should be getting. When your organization acquires new capital equipment, protect your interests before you commit: call on APS for our free Quote Review Service.

Get the terms you deserve on every lease or purchase
Send your quotes to APS for all capital equipment quoted at $10,000 or more. Our experts will thoroughly examine all terms and conditions to ensure you’re receiving the full benefits of our existing vendor agreement. If your quote contains any errors or omissions when compared to the contract terms associated with that vendor, we’ll recommend necessary corrections to help you achieve maximum value.

Discover additional savings opportunities
Our Quote Review Service also determines if your purchase or lease is “off contract” (outside our national contracting portfolio). In those cases, we recommend contracted vendors in the same category to drive down the cost of your investment. We also identify special promotional pricing opportunities available to you for greater savings.

Request a quote review anytime
Submit your quote to your APS Client Services Representative. Please include your name, your organization’s name, and your contact information. Quote Review Service is free to all APS members, and there are no limits on the number of quotes you can submit. The review process typically takes 5-7 business days.

Save 10-15% Annually on Equipment Costs

APS has partnered with Equipment Management & Technology Solutions (EMTS) to offer the Enhanced Capital Management Program to APS members. This program ensures best pricing on capital equipment and service contract purchases and can save you thousands of dollars each year. This is a risk-free program...if no savings are realized, no fees are due. APS members must be logged in to view the specific details of this program, along with access to a special APS online quote submission form that goes straight to the EMTS team. Further questions? Please contact Traci Parsons, APS Director Regional Services.