Capital Equipment Savings

APS is your home for capital equipment purchases. KHA and MHA members can take advantage of our exclusive program through our national partner, Vizient, and enjoy big savings on capital equipment. If you have access to the APS site, log in and check out our home page for a list of this quarter's Group Buys and this year's Capital Equipment Purchasing Events Calendar. If you're an APS member and need to request access to our site, please click on the Login/Register link at the top of the page. If you're organization isn't an APS member, please visit our FAQ section to learn how to sign up, or simply call us to discuss your no-obligation membership.

Through Vizient, APS connects you to a FREE quote review service on quotes of $10,000 and above! Contact your APS Client Service representative today to learn more about saving on your capital equipment purchases. If you're not sure who your APS Client Services Representative is, simply call APS at (913) 327-8730 or send us an email. We will assist in connecting you to the right APS team member for excellent service.