Frequently Asked Questions

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What type of contracts does APS offer its members?

APS develops regional agreements, providing access to products and services that include non-clinical products and services that are priced more competitively at a local level.  APS also offers access to the Vizient national contract portfolio, the largest in the industry. The Vizient portfolio provides convenient access to competitive contracts covering the majority of products and services.

How does my facility become an APS member?

Any healthcare organization, regardless of GPO affiliation, wishing to join APS is required to sign an APS Participation Agreement. This agreement simply attests to your interest in making use of agreements in the APS Regional Services portfolio. If your organization wishes to use the Staffing Program, you will sign a seperate Participation Agreement.

APS is, in part, supported by dues paid by members. Upon receipt of your completed Participation Agreement and dues payment to APS, contract vendors are notified of your eligibility for access to the terms of the APS agreements.

Commitment to using/joining Vizient is entirely optional.

Are APS members obligated to use particular agreements?

There are no agreements in the APS or Vizient contract portfolios that are mandatory for any member. However, many of the agreements include incentives for members to maximize their savings through focused commitment.

What services are provided by the APS staff?

An APS client services manager is assigned to each APS member. The client services manager will assist your department leaders in analyzing and implementing those APS programs and contracts beneficial to your organization. In many cases, we can perform cost studies that assist your decision process. Our team will provide advice that is in the best interest of your hospital and its savings goals. The APS team is committed to consistent, reliable communication with members, and in addition to regular communication with your client services manager, members receive frequent contract and program updates via emails and newsletters.

Are revenue share-back opportunities made available to APS members?

Based on APS performance, participation fee refunds are made to dues paying members and are available through several APS Regional Services agreements and many Vizient contracted vendors. However, we prefer to offer discounts on the initial purchase of the product rather than through rebates based on purchases.

How is APS governed and staffed?

A volunteer Board of Directors appointed by the Health Alliance of Mid America governs APS. Staff is made available through a management contract with the Kansas Hospital Association.

How are APS regional contracts awarded?

Regional Services agreements typically result from a competitive bidding process. Once responses are vetted by APS staff, they are reviewed and approved by APS member-driven committees.