Non-Clinical Staffing

Non-clinical personnel are very much a part of quality patient care and patient satisfaction levels. APS Staffing understands how non-clinical personnel are essential to ensuring you're able to provide safe and efficient services. That's why we're proudly kicking off a new program, shift express, the first cloud-based staffing portal dedicated to securing temporary non-clinical healthcare staff.
Using shiftexpress through the APS Staffing Program gives you one-stop access to a local network of non-clinical staff with expertise in hospital and healthcare settings. One posting through shiftexpress reaches an exclusive network of pre-qualified temporary staffing agencies.
  • One master agreement with standardized terms.
  • Eliminates negotiating and tracking multiple contracts.
  • Saves time for HR Recruiters.
  • Eliminates unsolicited calls from staffing agencies.
  • Agency compliance audits performed on your behalf.
  • Our team facilitates best practices in managing your temporary staffing needs.
  • Easy sign-up, no implementation and TOTALLY FREE to healthcare facilities.
Call APS Staffing today to learn more about leveraging shiftexpress FOR FREE to streamline your supplemental staffing and find the right staff for your team.

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