New Vendor Application Guidelines

(The following does NOT apply to Staffing Agencies seeking application. If you are a staffing agency, please visit for agency RFP process information.)

If you are a Vizient/MedAssets contracted vendor, please do not submit a vendor application on this site. If you are unsure if your company is a Vizient/MedAssets vendor, please contact your corporate administration to inquire if your company has a contract through Vizient/MedAssets before submitting a vendor application through APS.

At APS, we value our regional vendor relationships and endeavor to make registration as straightforward as possible. Please carefully read the process below. 

1.  Complete a Vendor Application and submit it to APS for review. Vizient/MedAssets vendors cannot submit a Vendor Application to APS. 

     Completing the form does not mean eligibility to solicit our clients and does not guarantee a contract.

2.  APS will submit your company name and product/service information for consideration to the appropriate regional departmental committee meeting, comprised of APS Members. APS will alert you if members have interest in pursuing a contract in your product/service category.

3.  We are Member driven, and therefore the Members determine which vendors are awarded contracts. The following may factor into those decisions:

  • Potential to decrease purchase costs for the category.
  • Ability to provide excellent customer service and field support for APS Members.
  • Capability to provide products and/or services that meet the specifications of our Members i.e, size, durability and a full line of replacement parts, etc.
  • Ability to produce a safe product.
  • Capability to provide an environmentally-friendly product/service.
  • Sound financial condition—for example, recent financial reporting and favorable financial rating from an independent third party.

4.  All information will be collected through APS. However, the committee(s) make decisions associated with an agreement. Once a decision has been made by the committee, APS will notify you. APS will then advise on how to proceed.


Why become an APS Contract Vendor?

  • Increase Regional Presence—By offering aggressive pricing and high service levels, the vendor can expect to increase market share in this region.
  • Establish a Support System—APS assists members and vendors in the introduction and evaluation of the merits of regional purchasing agreements. Once an agreement has been implemented, APS will provide staff resources to assist in identifying and pursuing product standardization opportunities. 
  • Access to Increased Exposure and Advertising—Vendor partners have special opportunities to participate in certain APS, Kansas Hospital Association, and Missouri Hospital Association events. Furthermore, vendors have preferred access to key decision makers within the APS member consortium. 

Which type of vendors does APS seek?

  • Established businesses in the healthcare and non-healthcare arena that want to expand their market share.
  • Disadvantaged/Minority Business Enterprises.

In what disciplines does APS offer regional contracts?

  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Facilities and Environmental Services
  • Information Technology
  • Materials Management
  • Nutritional Services
  • Purchased Services