Menu structure

We have three menus:

  • Main Menu v.2, visible to anonymous users
  • Members menu, visible to members only
  • Vendor menu, visible to vendors only

The reason we made three menus instead of assigning permissions to individual menu items was for clarity.  Drupal 6 permissions are all over the place, and could apply to blocks, views, nodes, content types, etc.  I thought it would add too much complexity to add permissions to menu items.  This way, the menu blocks carry the permissions.



Menu blocks in the login menu - IMPORTANT!

The login menu uses blocks within the menu block.  The module that does this is menu_inject_block.

The module has a bug that disables the injected blocks if a menu item is moved or otherwise edited.  (See

The fix is, after menu items are moved and edited, to reopen the menu item that is not working and re-inject the block.

Backup and Migrate

When you are getting ready to work on test, you should always update the test database first.

Test Reminder 1

Sat, 10/27/2012
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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Just testing

APS Names New CEO

Mon, 10/10/2011
Associated Purchasing Services is excited to announce that Dennis George has accepted the position of Chief Executive Officer with the organization effective Nov. 1, 2011.

Can I just attach a spreadsheet of all our products?

No, as stated in the MFP RFP, I need a minimum of two MFP products from each segment entered into the spreadsheet format that was sent to you in the excel spreadsheet.

You can send all of your other products in a separate spreadsheet if you like but I need all the spreadsheets filled out in the excel spreadsheet that was sent to you as part of the RFP.

Could you provide a list of which vendors have been invited to bid on this RFP?

  • Canon Business Solutions
  • Datamax
  • ImageQuest
  • Konica Minolta Business Solutions
  • Lakeland Office Systems
  • Oce North America Document Printing Systems
  • PC Connection
  • Ricoh Business Solutions
  • Unisource Document Products

In Exhibit A you ask for at least 2 products per segment; in the exhibit you ask for both color and b&w cost per copy; are we to assume that you want at least one color unit proposed for each segment?

We have to have plenty of time to analyze the responses, prepare the report and present to our steering committee for recommendations and approval of the chosen bid winner(s). Once the decision is made we then need the time to execute the contracts and prepare materials to market the selected vendors to our participants.

General Information

Definition of Segments:

  • Segment 1 = 11-20 ppm
  • Segment 2 = 21-30 ppm
  • Segment 3 = 31-40 ppm
  • Segment 4 = 41-69 ppm
  • Segment 5 = 70-90 ppm
  • Segment 6 = 91 + ppm or more

Regional Services

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