Kansas Hospital Association

The Kansas Hospital Association, along with the Missouri Hospital Association, is an owner of APS. KHA is a voluntary, non-profit organization existing to provide leadership and services to member hospitals. KHA is the lead organization in a group of companies and affiliates that provides a wide array of services to the hospitals of Kansas and the Midwest region.

The hospitals of Kansas founded KHA in 1910 to improve hospital care through the exchange of knowledge and ideas. Over the years, the Association has provided its membership with opportunities to share information, receive continuing education and develop approaches to legislative and regulatory reforms.

VISION: An organization of hospitals working together to improve access, quality and the affordability of health care for all Kansans.

MISSION: To be the voice and resource for community-based hospitals by meeting member needs for advocacy and service.

VALUES: Service to Members ... Equal Representation ... Visionary Leadership ... Ethics, Honesty and Integrity

Members of KHA have access to APS and its product and service offerings, including the Staffing Program. If you are an KHA member hospital and interested in joining APS, please contact us at info@apskc.org or via phone at (913) 327-8730.