Lean Six Sigma Strategies

Cut costs, boost efficiency and improve quality...all at the same time.

You already know which areas of your hospital would benefit from an operational overhaul – departments that are highly inefficient, services that lose money, or teams who are struggling to reach peak performance because labor-intensive processes get in the way. The solution: build Lean Six Sigma principles and processes into your everyday practice.

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Go lean with expert recommendations and guidance

Our Lean Six Sigma consultants align people, purpose, process and technology to help you streamline operations for long-term sustainability. They are specially trained experts who help you prioritize areas for improvement and teach you how to implement solutions that eliminate waste, paperwork and rework.

Using proven methodologies for lean improvement and change management, our consultants help you cut costs, boost efficiency and improve quality all at the same time, empowering your team to meet demand faster and more cost-effectively.

As an APS member, you have access to national and regional experts in lean healthcare strategies and implementation, who tailor consultation services to the size of your organization and your specific improvement goals, including:

  • Patient and staff satisfaction
  • Quality of care and patient safety
  • Clinical labor productivity
  • Non-labor expense management

Meet the ongoing demands of health reform with lean integration

Lean Six Sigma strategies help healthcare organizations just like yours:

  • Transform processes and care delivery models for greater efficiency, satisfaction and safety
  • Adapt to changing reimbursement models by implementing more efficient, evidence-based revenue cycle, spend and clinical resource practices
  • Improve patient flow and throughput to manage increasingly higher volume
  • Strengthen clinician/staff adherence to protocols and coordination of patient care for improved outcomes

Contact APS Client Services for more information

Call your APS client services representative today, and we will match the right Lean Six Sigma resources for your hospital size. At APS, we are dedicated to improving your financial health, so we focus on opportunities that deliver significant savings and value. Call us today to learn more about what Lean Six Sigma can do for you.

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