APS HIT Contracts

In 2010, APS worked hand in hand with the Kansas and Missouri Health Information Technology Regional Extension Centers (RECs) to launch a portfolio of HIT contracted vendors. APS negotiated pricing, terms and conditions with vendors on behalf of the RECs and their member practices.

As of January 1, 2014, the APS negotiated contracts with most of the contracted HIT vendors are no longer available through APS. This excludes the agreement with Greenway Health, which is effective through 2015. Also, APS members and REC members can still receive great pricing on Technology Products through the APS contract with OfficeMax Workplace.

Although these contracts are no longer available through APS, physician practices and hospitals in Kansas and Missouri may choose to continue purchasing products and services through these vendors knowing that they were vetted through the rigorous APS RFP process. The list of vendors includes:

EHR Ambulatory Software
Pulse Systems
Success EHS (Now under Greenway)
Vitera Healthcare Solutions (Now under Greenway)

Data Migration and Imaging
Perceptive Software

Identity and Acess Management
Indigo Identityware

Consulting and Tech Products
Absolute Computer Solutions
Alexander Open Systems
Erickson Solutions Group
Health Systems Resource Center/Castle Technologies*
HEI Consulting
ISG ConTechnology
maxIT Healthcare
Morgan Hunter Healthcare
OfficeMax Workplace
Santa Rosa Consulting
Umbrella Medical Systems

If you have any questions regarding these former contracts, please don't hesitate to call APS at (913) 327-8730.