340B Pharmacy Solutions

Let APS help you simplify your 340B pharmacy program. Through SUNRx, an APS regional services vendor partner, APS provides you a proven solution. SUNRx expertise, technology and pharmacy network enable Covered Entities to take advantage of the 340B opportunity with minimal complications or risk.

Industry innovator in managing 340B

SUNRx is the industry innovating in managing 340B programs that expand access to affordable medication to your uninsured patients, generate resources for eligible entities and meet the highest levels of regulatory compliance.


The SUNRx team has been managing 340B programs since 2006 and has extensive pharmacy benefit management and payor experience.


With SUNRx, eligible entities may use any wholesaler or switch pharmacies to serve patients. These options provide maximum flexibility and the greatest financial benefits.

A complete solution

In addition to best-in-class 340B contract pharmacy management technology, SUNRx offers split billing, invoice analysis and other services to manage your pharmacy programs.


The SUNRx technology integrates lowest-cost solutions, real-time processing and the most advanced compliance/adherence protocols.

A trusted partner

SUNRx is a corporate partners with Safety Net Hospitals for Pharmaceutical Access (SNHPA) and the exclusive 340B partner with 21 state hospital associations.

If your organization is a Covered Entity and registered with OPA to participate in the 340B program, please call APS at (913) 327-8730 or (888) 941-2771 to learn how SUNRx can save you money and work for you. If you are an APS member, you can check out the SUNRx contract details on our site.

APS Member 340B Program Benefits

A significant discount off the SUNRx solution

FREE value-added services